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Gr 5 Panteras

In addition to the Kleinpeter IMSA GTX (chassis 1603) and the Sala-Marverti Gr 5 (chassis 001), there were several other Panteras that were less modified, but stll raced under the Gr 5 category.

This page will provide some further details and pictures. To be updated in the future, but to start ...

  • Chassis 2343

Silverstone Classic 2015. Photos:

2343 was originally a "factory" GT/4 Group 4 Pantera. It was converted to Gr 5 and raced in the 1976 Giro D'Italia. 


As described in Philippe Olczyk's book, "In 1975, the project of a Gr 5 Pantera was born with the help of Gottifredi  .... Only one car was built from Factory Gr 4 '2343'; it was equipped with a Hewland gearbox and 5 liters engine".


Currently this car is impeccably restored and presented at historic racing events. When I took the pictures above, it was getting ready to take to the track where it outpaced the GT40s at the 2015 Silverstone Classic.


The engine utilizes Gurney Westlake heads and Weber carburetors.

  • Chassis 6183

At a Pantera Owners Club of America event in 2016 hosted by Dave and Linda Adler in 2016. That's one versitile Pantera, and one of my favorites. Photos:

Chassis 6183 began as a factory Group 3 Pantera racing in Belgium. It was modified in 1977 with a Gr 5 steel body and later with a 6.2L Holman and Moody engine.


Sold to Dave and Linda Adler in 1981, it was later to be one of the first Panteras to race in Historic racing events ... usually competing with prototype and Can Am cars.


Amazingly, this Pantera does double duty on both the track and the street!

Pictured above at Riverside Raceway circa 1987. Taken by passenger in my Pantera circa 1987. Photo:

  • Chassis 2862

Sala Marverti No 17, 1000 km Nürburgring

Sala-Marverti, Chassis 2862, at 1000 km Nürburgring WSC 1978 (photo credit needed)

The first Sala-Marverti Group 5, converted from Group 4 chassis 2862

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