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Engines For Sale

Ford 341

100% new build using Ford Motorsport A4 block. This is the same engine block used on the ex ADA Le Mans Pantera. Utilizes Kinsler EFI and EFI Technologies ECU. 8.2" deck height. Dry Sump engine. Can also provide Motec electronics and harness.

This engine is available together with the (2) ex-Le Mans ADA Pantera 5 L engines (which utliize alumimum "Yates" heads and different EFI intakes).

Kinsler Motor - 1
Kinsler Motor - 2
Elan 6.0 L - SOLD

Alum Engine with carbon fiber intake, billet CNC'ed oil sump, Dailey oil pump, etc. Built for the highest levels of prototype endurance racing and currently configured to run in a Riley and Scott LMP1 prototype.

Panoz Elan Ford 6L V8


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