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Gr 5 Chassis 

Original 1984 DeTomaso factory GT5 Pantera, chassis #9313, converted to full race Group 5 “tribute”.


Far rarer than the factory DeTomaso Group 4 Panteras, there were only a few original Group 5 Panteras ever built. This “re-creation” has been designed and modified based on the originally homologated Sala-Marverti Group 5 Pantera and the Hugh Kleinpeter IMSA GTX Pantera.

Tube frame front/rear sections are integrated into full safety cage built beyond the original Gr 5 standards. Front/Rear composite body sections mount to tubular sub-frames for light weight and facilitating quick maintenance. (Molds for front/rear clips included.)

Options to complete the car available include:​


Aside from the original Sala Group 5 and Kleinpeter IMSA GTX, this is one of the most modified race chassis while still being based on a production Pantera chassis. It goes far beyond the changes made for the more common Group 4 racing Panteras and with improved safety and performance. A unique option to race alongside epic Gr 5 cars such as the Porsche 935 but at a fraction of the cost!

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