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Gr 5 Panteras

Below are the only two Gr5 Panteras I'm aware of currently being raced in historic events ... but anticipating one more in the future!

Chassis 2343

This, along with Chassis 2862, were the first attempts at building Group 5 Panteras in Europe.


Video above is from Spa, 2011 from Gumbal YouTube Channel.


More pictures of 2343 here.

Micangeli Gr 5 


Pulling out of the paddock at the 2014 Classic Daytona 24Hr


Other Racing Panteras

Not Gr5 Panteras, but the videos below show how a well prepared, well driven, Pantera can perform!

Chassis 6051

At the Spa Classic 2016.

Car is built by Braun Motorsport. Awesome!

Twin Turbo Pantera

This car was built with the help of Audi DTM race engineers and incorporates many changes which go beyond any Gr 4 Pantera including aluminum uprights, adjustable sway bars, Tilton steering rack, multi-disk carbon clutch ... and an intercooled twin-turbo engine. Mega HP, professionally engineered chassis and well driven as shown in the video above.

It shows what an ambitious and experienced Pantera owner can do if unencumbered by Group 4 (or even Group 5) regulations. 

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