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SOLD - Sway Bar Assemblies - 1" front and 1" rear bars purchased new from Precision Proformance (new price was $159/ea). New aluminum center mount assembly for rear with integrated cover plate (new price was $249). Used aluminum center front mounts (new price $80). (4) Spherebar end links as needed to eliminate binding w/1" bars (new price $80/ea), and (4) polyurethane center bushings (new $40/set). These larger bars work best with properly stiffened chassis (e.g. using brace show below). Total new price was more than $1000. Sell complete front assembly $275, rear assembly $375. Or full set, front and rear, for $600

AP Racing Calipers
AP Racing Calipers

AP Racing Calipers - Pair, (6) piston, used, in excellent condition, 1.125"-1.250"-1.625" pistons, wholesale price for these calipers is $1036/ea. Selling the pair, including full set of Performance Friction Carbon Metallic pads, for $1200.

Willwood Rotors & Hats - L/R Pair, 13" x 1.38", P/Ns 3585 and 3584. New! (Paid $900) Sell $600

Complete kit w/calipers, rotors, hats, pads - $1700

Wilwood Grand National Calipers
Pantera Brake System



SOLD - Wilwood Brakes - (2) 6-Piston Willwood Grand National III Calipers, (2) Vented Rotors 12.19"x1.25", (2) Alum Hats, (1) Set Hawk brake-pads. (Note: Adapters to bolt GN calipers to Pantera front spindles are available from Pantera Performance in Colorado.) All parts new! $1200.

DeTomaso Pantera Aluminum Mid-Plate
Tilton Starter, Pantera
Pantera Flywheels

Flywheel/Starter/Mid-Plate package - ~10" Tilton flywheel, new Tilton Starter to match and custom fabricated 0.25" aluminum mid-plate w/starter mount. Use with modified or custom bellhousing to "flip" ZF and lower entire drive-train in a Pantera chassis.

ZF Transaxle
4.26.030008 (2).JPG
4.26.030007 (2).JPG

ZF -2 Gearbox - from '84 GT-5. Currently at RBT to have ring-gear safety wired. Can be 'flipped' to GT40 config by RBT if desired. Optionally available with original GT-5 Pantera bellhousing and rear ZF mounts.

Pantera Decklid - '73, ribbed

Holley Carb - Fresh rebuild



SOLD Tech-Craft Mufflers - Pair, New, 3" inlet/outlet, polished stainless steel. Also have bracket to mount to ZF. 

Coil springs, $40 pair - 2.5" I.D. x 12" length, 500 lbs/inch

Pantera Lights, misc - 2.jpg
Pantera Lights, misc - 1.jpg

Side Markers - (2) plastic bezels, (1) metal bezel (as used on early "pushbutton" cars), (2) red lenses, (2) amber lenses, (2) door light housings/lenses. Other light assemblies also available (e.g. rears w/ housing).




SOLD - Pantera Stock Brakes - Pair of front stock Girling calipers w/pads. Stored for last 15 years so assumed to need a rebuild, but appear to be in good condition and worked great when removed. Pair of rear brake calipers & mounting plates. Includes set of installed front pads. Full set of front and rear as shown, $150.

Pantera Half-Shafts  (Pictures coming soon - or contact for more info) 

A-Arms, Pantera, Used.jpg


SOLD Rear A-Arms - (2) Uppers & (1) Lower. Uppers include (2) Polyurethane bushings w/steel inserts. $120 

Tank - 04.jpg
Tank - 03.jpg
Tank - 01.jpg


Tank - 10.jpg
Tank - 06.jpg
Tank - 09.jpg


SOLD Fuel Tank - Purchased new around 2008 for a restoration project. Never installed. Very minor surface rust on interior (see pics) after being stored for the last 10+ years in a low humidity (desert) environment and a couple of small nicks in the exterior paint. This tank hasn’t been touched since new (aside from screwing in the AN fitting). So a buyer can see *exactly* the condition of the inside surfaces (vs. taking a chance on a “reconditioned” or repainted/coated tank)  - $700



Hall Big Bore Headers, Anza Exhaust, Edelbrock "Torker 351" Intake Manifold Part No 2760  - SOLD 

GT40 ZF Bellhousing


(2) ZF Bellhousings - (1) Stock Pantera and (1) inverted "GT40 orientation" - SOLD

AP Racing Clutch and Alum Flywheel Kit.j


Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel - With 7.25" triple-disk AP Racing clutch. Like new w/almost no measurable wear on any of the (3) disks. SOLD

Lower Rear Chassis Brace.jpg


SOLD Chassis Stiffener / Lower Rear Brace - From Precision Proformance.  Part of their complete chassis brace kit. As described on their website: "Our kit is the best way to stiffen the chassis of your Pantera, this is not just a show piece like what others offer.  Our system is fabricated of 4130 Chromemoly tubing, completely hand TIG welded, and is fully adjustable.  All pieces mount in specific places where chassis flex occurs the most". $300

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