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Wheels For Sale

Gotti 19x15, split.jpg
Gotti Rim Halves - misc.jpg


Rear 27.5x14.5x19 Tires.jpg
Gotti 935 w Goodyear rain.jpg


Group 5 Wheels - Pantera & Porsche 935

Comparison of Group 5 sized Gotti wheels on the Pantera and similar set-up for the Porsche. (Porsche pic from

SOLD - Gotti 19" & 16" wheels & rim halves - Multiple sets. As run in Group 5 (Porsche 935, BMW M1, etc). 19" x 15" assembled with inner and outer wheel sections from a Porsche 935 (and fit GR4/GR5 Pantera). Also available with 'narrower' inner halves to give a 19" x 13" option. (2) pair of 16" inner/outer halves with assembled width of 10" (fits front of stock GT5, GT4 Pantera). Other parts and full wheel sets available with or w/o tires. Please feel free to contact me with questions.

Gotti even provided sponsorship of the Kleinpeter / Manuelli  Pantera.

For more history and pics of Pantera race wheels see my Facebook Album on the subject.

Gotti J55A - Manuelli Pantera.jpg

(3) New Diamond Racing Wheels, $30 ea or $75 for all three -  16" x 10". Same offset as the front wheels shown on the Lance Nist built twin-turbo Pantera pictured towards the bottom of the page here to fit front of non-flared Pantera.

GT5 with Jongbloed Wheels.jpg
GT5 with Jongbloed Wheels - right.jpg
GT5 with Jongbloed Wheels - right front.

(4) Jongbloed Racing Wheels-  (2) 15" x 10" and (2) 15" x 8". Period correct for 1980s GT1/GT2/GTO race cars. 

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