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Gr 5 Chassis 9313 - Build Gallery

Chassis 9313 with Gotti rims as used in period on the Group 5 Porsche 935.

Tube Frame Render 2.jpg

3D Rendering by Brian Kim reflects some key design elements

Chassis 9313​

Gr 5 Re-creation

Pantera chassis #9313 is a 1984 factory GT5 Pantera now converted to Group 5 specs based on the original Gr 5 and IMSA Pantera chassis numbers 001 and 1603 as "models" for the build.

Starting as an original 1984 GT5 Pantera, chassis 9313 benefits from some of the earlier Pantera development - including some of those from the factory Group 4 race cars. For example, the stronger Gr 4 race suspension uprights and bearings were carried over as production parts for the GT5 and GTS Panteras in the 1980's.

The numerous modifications are similar to those of chassis 001 and 1603 including the font & rear tube-frame sections, full integral safety cage, removable body, lightweight chassis with the retention of the original Pantera center section, front mounted fuel cell, etc.

Molds were made from 9313's original GT5 body in order to replicate the front/rear sections as one-piece composite "clips". This also allows the chassis to easily be re-configured with front/rear clips to match the body of either Gr5 chassis 001 or IMSA GTX/GTO chassis 1603. 

This page includes a few of the build pictures for 9313 along with a brief history and current status below. 

Build Process

The story of 9313 includes world travels across Saudi Arabia, England and the USA.

Dean Martin, a UK expat working in Saudi Arabia, located and purchased the car in Saudi Arabia in 1997. An article in the Jan 2000 edition of AutoItalia magazine describs Dean's experience finding the car "dumped in the back yard of an old Ferrari dealership". Continuing the account, "they dusted it off, started it up, found the sheik who owned it and (Dean) bought it." 


I have the original paperwork from 1997 including the bill of sale and translations stamped by the British Consulate General. Thanks to Dean Martin for saving this car from being permanently "buried" in the desert!


At the time of the AutoItalia article, the conversion of 9313 to a full race car had already begun as the engine was now "over 500 bhp" controlled with a Motec ECU. In the following years the build continued, and eventually the decision was made to convert the chassis to the full extent allowed under Group 5 / IMSA GTX regulations circa 1979.

Molds were made of the original steel front and rear GT5 body sections along with the doors, and one-piece front/rear composite body sections were cast and now provide much improved access to the chassis along with reduced weight. The main frame rails, center section, and some portions of the front/rear chassis were retained along with the stock steel roof and door/window surrounds. The doors were replaced with lightweight composite pieces. Side impact protection was integrated into a full safety cage (actually built well beyond that of any original Group 5 Panteras). The chassis was now much stiffer with the tube frame chassis tied into the main roll cage. 

The front steering geometry was re-designed to reduce bump-steer and the font suspension was converted to be fully adjustable.  The rear suspension was also re-designed utilizing long radius rods and lower reverse A-arms (similar layout to the GT40s).  

9313 was now a full GT race car!

The original complete GT5 steel front body, interior and electrical systems were sold to a gentleman in Sweden to refurbish his street Pantera . The race car was then shipped to the USA in 2001 and maintained at Precision Proformance (with Bob and Don Byars). The original GT5 steel rear body section, as well as the GT5 wheels and brakes were sold off to other Pantera owners in the USA. I purchased the car from Dean in 2003.

Chassis 9313​


Group 5 Pantera - Nov 2016.jpg
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